Did you know..


Over, and over, and over again "scientists" have watched what happens when a human baby is formed....

2 cells meet, like they've known one another for lifetimes.

They join together, becoming 1.

Then, they split apart

23 times...

But it's that very last division,

that's the one...

They still don't know what actually happens...

If they do--- they're not tellin'


That last division is alchemy. It's magick.



Like someone flicked the lighting spark into this being that just became one with it'self. 


The heartbeat...

Things begin to form...

One by one, organss-to-bones-to-muscles

Interdependent systems within like cogs to in the wheel of life

We unravel into a world of water

We experience the spectrum of light and vibration through the veil of skin she offers our protection





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally Published: 5-24-2005

Edited in: 11-2015

Edited again: 05-2018

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

though I believe in a higher source I can respect your non-belief of the same. How life comes about beyond the sciences we know is one thing but how it orginated is quite another-the endless quest for the true answer to that question....

dreayeya's picture

So, I'm about 10 years late

So, I'm about 10 years late on this reply :)

I am 1000% sure of a higher source... I didn't make that very clear in this post. 

:) But, I love your response-- you might not ever see this, but thank you for reading and responding to my peice :)




Andrea The Aries's picture

I think if people would see the value in the search they could find more. But people Don't look hard enough because they don't realize the value and effect the outcome has on this life and the next. But it's my opinion. People don't have to follow everything i believe. Atheism, is just as much organized religion as any other. "the belief of not believing in something higher than themselves, such as GOD."

~~~Notes from the AUTHOR

dreayeya's picture

You're SPOT on!

Precisely! :)