envisions of peace flow through me.
I wanna be the vessell that protrudes the divine light those others cannot understand how, but that it is the most divine of them.

entranced by a nature that i cannot explain. expressions of a heart that wills to find the highest will of the most beautiful nature, but the most physical realm.

rambling rustling bustling nothing makes sense in a mind so complex, shut it down. make it chant. cause it focus and the delierous trance of state of mind will swallow you whole when you picture and imagine what the mind sees when it wills to see nothing but the highest truth.

yet it can't will it's self away from the very thing that keep it blind to a high per ception.

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after day 16

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

unfortunately everyone has a different opinion of what is 'the divine light' so it seems... I guess that's why it's so hard to agree on such things like religion (as I assume that's what this poem is about). Sure... opinions can be spat... but the trick is making em listen, as you note.

I prefer the subilimal trick of music to achieve the trance you speak of ... but perhaps you'll find a better way...