I'm UnstabLe

Never met no one like you,
But you got yourself in my mind.
Like the sexiness you exclude,
You got me seductively intertwined.

Waitin on your phone call,
And lovin on each text.
Got me wantin you all over this...
Steady wonderin what's next.

Keep me intrigued girl,You know
we could have fun...
But remember i ain't serious.
I don't wanna love no one.
Your style's got me sprung,
that's a game you done won.
You shine bright like the sun...
but i won't let myself love no one.

I wanna...

Keep it fresh, and keep it real.
Continue to inform one another on how we feel.
Kuz if I feel I'm leading you on...
I won't hurt you.. I'll leave- be gone.
Kuz I got more respect than to kick you down.
I wanna be real.. Though, I sound like a clown.

Don't fall into me... don't think bout me all the time.
I don't wanna be your crush. I don't wanna blow your mine.
I wanna enjoy this, kick it, have fun, and not get strings...
kuz sex ain't all it's cracked up 2 be and nothing is what it seems.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this for a female who's feelin on me. it's not like i don't think she's sexy or absoulutely seductive but i don't wanna love no one i wanna get down and have fun.. and enjoy being around eachother. no attachments goddamnit lol

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