I'm Not Playin'

You use me as your scapegoat
So that you won't lose out.
You have no tru feelings for this
You don't even know what it it's about.

You think i'm always gonna be,
Just another - one of those hoes.
But i'ma put my fuckin foot down
Kuz i'm a down ass bitch who knows.

I been a ragdoll for too long.
I'm gonna have to let you go.
It hurts to know you could care less.
And all the while i didn't kno.

But i can see it all now,
And i'm grown past this animal game.
my mind is no longer cloudy.
kuz i remodeled it's entire frame.

But you would like to stay,
the same as it's always been.
You do whatever you want,
and i'll be the down ass friend.

I'm sick of carin about you.
Kuz cheatin me, and killing your future...
is all your ever gonna do.

I wanna see you grow up...
Make sumthin stable for you.
I wanna see you drop the GAME -
but that's something you just won't do.

When you gonna get it.
They could CARE less about you.
They don't wanna C U succeed
Or they wouldn't feed you what they do.

Look at them, then look at you.
What is it that's to hard to see?
They could give a fuck less about you.
Like you could give a fuck less about me.

Goddamn i'm so sick of this shit.
You keep on runnin back to me.
And i'm the door opener..
Lettin in this insanity.

Let me go for certain
You don't need me anymore.
Let me go, i'm through.
Let me walk out the fuckin door.
Quit holdin onto me.
Kuz i'm the rarest you got.
Quit tryin keep me for you,
you think i'm playin, i'm really not.

Given you chances after chances
And still you think it's like old days.
I'm not stuck on you no more boy
I've completely changed my ways.

If you're serious about this,
You gotta prove your real to me.
Kuz times have changed...I'm grown.
And I won't deal wit Fake ASS animosity.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a friend of mine who keeps goin in and out of lock up... and everytime he gets out he's callin on me.... to COVER HIS ASS.. and i'm done.

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