Andrea's Awakening

At one point in time...
I can honestly remember not knowing of myself,
of my potential, of my beauty and of my perfection.
And at that point at time.. I didn't realize that none of these things are of the physical realm.
**hear me out!!**
I'm not being cocky when I talk about all of these things.

I didn't understand the reality of things, and I can't really pinpoint when this understanding came along. BUT I now know...

Anything           Dicipher                  
Nessecary          Expressions of
Doesn't            Blind Perceptions of
Rip                Realities,
Everything         Anywhere and everywhere



I guess you could say... I am a QUEEN.
And - Every woman i know is just as much QUEEN as I am...
Some overinduldge in their essence of being a Queen.
Others never scratch the surface to know that they are perfect and they are beautiful.

I let go of wanting to be desired...
But i realized the pointlessness in it.
What's the point of being desired by someone else, and finding satisfaction, and never once desiring to desire myself?
What's the point??
I have decided to focuse on what i want, what i deserve, why i won't settle for less, and what i am capable.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I awoke from my dillusional dream everyone calls a relaity of life.

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