Imbalanced as a teeter totter with only one person on one side
Not quite sure of what she's ready for.
Defiant and Expressive, she wants a very open lifestyle.
Effects of two hearts changed that. Simply not knowing the
Cause of what our first kiss would ultimatley do.
I was Crazy to think I wouldn't fall for her, but yet
She as I still wants to be with a girl and a guy.
Inorderly confused and ignorant, never been loved like this B4
Very emotionally attched from the deepest of my core. You're
Exactly what I've wanted yet i still feel a need for a new

Change. Not a switch or a drastic one. All i'm asking for is
One night. One person, just once. I'm not used to monogamy.
Not-Sexually Free bond, never felt with anyone before you.
Freedom restriction i'm unused to. I just want you to
Underastand! I don't wanna lie to you or be unfaithful I hate
Secrets between you and I. I can't let this go because my
Emotions have been in such turmoil. Your emotionless
Depth I cannot comprehend. Your thoughts matter!

Beautiful is what this relationship is that we have. Me and U
I've been so fuckin confused about it, I don't want lose you!!
Secrets WILL fuck this up. I don't know if truth is best.
Experiences approach upon us, Our journey is our QUEST.
X-girlfriends i don't wanna be, I don't want us to fall.
Untimely i'll love you for always, but i'm not going to crawl
All i'm asking is for one night, nothing more than a lust. My
Love is all for you!!! Don't wanna nobody else. But Self satisfaction for me is a must!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about getting down with another girl, and my girlfriend didn't want to me. SO i wrote how i felt about it. if you know me, you'll know who this is about.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I think the first person to comment is set in their ways but you have to respect their opinions as well as your own feelings. I don't agree with them but then that's my opinion.I found this piece interesting and by the photo on your page I guess you are in your 20's though putting 2005 for your b/d was funny to me. I personally feel whether you are straight,bi,or gay it doesn't matter as long as you are genuine in your feelings.As to the cursing,hey,it's the word you felt at the time of your writing so I have not problem with it.I noted the second comment said something of the cursing. Hell, I curse too lol....Keep writing and by the way your piece IS a poem! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise..Poetry comes from the heart and soul and though many follow a formal format,I like formality is crap plain and simple. Write what you feel how you feel and then it is genuine...

Leandra Rose's picture

This is very well written but it would be even better with out the cursing. I can feel the emotion in and and who ever wrote that last post was a bit old fashioned because this is poetry and you can feel all the heart that you put into it.

oldfootnote's picture

In no way can this be called poetry. It is not even a good journal entry. And, may I ask, why does we need to know your (dis) orientation on your Bio section. What possibly could that do to enhance the meaning of your writings?