I thought...

I have felt this way for you for a long time.
I have waited for you to change your mind.
The minute i thought you might have,
Or i thought i might be able to show you what i'm about.
I felt that this was the right time
To see what you wanted with me.
When i felt the way you felt, and i looked into your eyes
i thought i felt connection.
I was wrong.

I'm sorry i've tried to get you for so long
I'm sorry if you don't know i care.
I'm sorry if i've scared you away...
I only wanted for you to be there.
I thought i knew what you were feeling,
i thought it was me all along.
I'm sorry for all i've caused. I know now that..
I was wrong. I'm sorry.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

interesting, honest,right out there piece. I too am Aries but March. welcome to PP