My Friend

Cautious, courageous and cute
All of these describe
None other than you
Don't get the wrong impression
I love every part of who you are whether
Chillin at your house, or riding in your car.
Every energy you supress help me understand you.
Listening as you vent your lifes' stressors
You find it conforting to confide in me.
Not knowing how important you are,
Not comprhending what this would ever be.
Hopes arise as you are my indspiration, The
Only friend who can truly make my day, but there's so
Much hesitation, i feel like my intuitional
Expressions may have pushed you away. I only
Really want to make you smile when you frown.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for a person who doesn't really know how important she is to me!

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