My Fantasy

My Fan... Ta... See...
Yes, i imagined you
Sitting on your bed reasing the scream,
Reaching i within me,
Swallowing each word flowing continuously from my head

I've witnessed an image of you,
Standing next, upright, symmetrical to me
Like on one of those lame frilly pastries
Connected to the letters of my decription

like breath to the lung to the heartbeat

to the blood and flow of the energy of the body.
The code of my paragraphs and run-on sentences
Remembering I give keys
Keys to my boxed heart
Keys only you have found a way to

through my words of poems.
Given these keys, i did, through your eyes

and to your imagination

where you have locked them in a box in your heart.
The heart you have given peices of to others, as have i.

Yes i imagined.
I saw the long late forgiving profound hugs we've pleasured.
The hearts we once beared to one another on a long night,

and ten minutes of accidental sleep induced unknown abyss.

Meta-E-Motionals we rejoiced in

While blowing off steam in between lines of subliminals,
it's gotta be that Dy k E mas*cul*in*ity.

It's metaphysical.
Can't you see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah, This was me... blowing up at you. And you... will hopefully read, and then contact me.

Who knows?

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