Not Mine

Not mine to hold,
Not mine to touch,
You're not mine-
To steal a kiss.

Not mine in all ways,
Never mine, in past days
Not mine to dispose or dismiss.

Not mine to keep with,
Not mine to lust with,
Not mine to embrace, just for the taste.

Not mine to sleep with,
Not mine to fuss with,
Not mine to indulge in, knowing I pre-win,
Not mine- to unravel her skin.

Not mine, It's not you.
Not mine, TO PURSUE.
Not Mine, But I want you.
Not Mine- But I won't do.

Not mine- to teach, and
Not mine- to blow.
Not mine- to react to.
Not mines- to know.

Not mine-for the ass
Not mine- for anymore
Not mine to steal away,
Not tryin to be a whore.

You're not mine.
Let's face it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah. this one i wrote and revised and wrote and revised and i'm ok with this selection today!

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