There are moments where I allow myself to be vulnerable

This wasn't always my way of responding to things

I went through periods of over-trusting people and then trusting no one

It took someone very strong, unique and intelligent to break that habit of mine

I used to spin so many webs of lies, I didn't know who I'd told what to

He always saw through them.

He never let me pretend I was, who I wasn't.

We fought like untrained cats and dogs in the worst possible weather

But he brought out the best things in me

I can never really repay him for that

He'll never know it because by the time my hindsight was 20/20

We were already in two separate places

There was no going back


He solved so many of the daddy-issues I didn't realize I had

Without him, I might still be that girl... pretending she is a woman

Without him, I wouldn't know the half of what it means to truly love someone

Without him, I would still be shaming myself and seeking validation in all the wrong places


I still think of him often

I still try to check in with him from time to time

Even though it will never be what I always hoped it would be

I don't hope for that anymore

I only love him for exactly who he is

I hope he finds what he's looking for


There's moments where I allow myself to be vulnerable for the sake of letting others know more about the real me

This is my way of leading by example, to show them how much better One can be


But the choice isn't easy, and the work never ends

You can't blame anything on others, whether they're foe or they're friends

You gotta stand up real tall, and say... Yes, my perceptions were wrong

You must admit you don't know it all, you've been blind all along

This very action is what makes one strong

When you face all your weaknesses

Finally being where you belong


There's moments where you must allow yourself to be vulnerable for the sake of others

Except-- there are no words in these moments

They are yours alone, in self-reflection

Accepting what you're doing without seeking

Self fulfillment and selfish satisfaction


So, to end these ideas that are flowing from me.

I'm going to continue to lead by example, and accept whoever you choose to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know everything, I can't know everything.

When I accept and acknowledge-- actually I KNOW NO THING....

Everything comes together