The Cobra


Underneath this flesh, there is the real me

A cobra resides calm, effortlessly

Claims cannot be made, I let the mind's eye see

How you might ask, but you still cannot percieve

Everything I've ever done, brings me back to this spirit

Try as hard as you need, but you still won't hear it


Now, I've started to know where I went wrong

Each decision brought me here, like words made our song

Kindness wasn't weakness, build my bridges strong

How could I have known I was on this path alone?

Easy routes I never took, I chose to learn the hard way

Being honest with myself, recognizing my mistakes

Everything for my reasons, put me in this place

Time is the truth, my movement through this space


Now, I'm awake, I've come out of the slumber

Each day is a new slate, ruled by it's own number

Tomorrow never comes, it'll just become today

Energy never dies, it just dissipates

Reality is our matrix, we create what we will

Underneath this flesh, I am peace, I am still

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the awareness of my self, for what I am of, is beginning to surface