Falling , Falling in Love

Reality, Time,

Writing about love 

Not through the eyes of others
But of your own  unique feelings
not like your sisters or brothers 

So how can one be unique ?
Isn’t love warm and sweet?
Your heart often flutters  
And you feel dizzy at your feet

Love is hard to explain!
Yesterday I was so giddy 
The next I was feeling sad!
This Love thing has no pitty

Nothing had changed for me
Just my frame of mind!
Funny how each day to the next 
you're either sad or feeling fine

Love always steals my heart!
Perhaps I am a fool
Love twister, yes that’s what it is
the adventure sounds really cool

I call it rollcoaster ! Imagine all dizzy 
With chocolate hearts of desire
Your  melting soul falling deeper in love
your bitten by a love vampire

Then poof, you get slapped with
”what was I thinking!”
“I’m losing control”“Falling! Falling!”
My happiness is sinking!

Ever wonder why they call it falling?
Because when you realize you’ve Fallen
 you are left with skinned knees
and a bruised heart that is swollen 

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