The Angels Cried

Pain and Sorrow

The angels cried 

Oh many tears they wept 
Guardians of innocence 
As the little babies slept
Watching over 
Till heaven chimed 
Cradled in slumber
As a precious life met it’s decline 
A precious gift 
Taken shortly after birth  
A miracle sadly lost 
Never destined for earth
The angels cried
many tears they regret 
For the pain left behind
A tragedy a parent can’t forget 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had the title first, and this

is where it led me! 


" The Angels Cried"

maybe the next one will be

about lost love! 

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Cascade's picture

A soft poetic empathy here,

A soft poetic empathy here, Dove. Very sweet..


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Thanks dearest!  Smilez!!!

Thanks dearest! 

Smilez!!! Dovely 

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Sometimes my poems begin as

Sometimes my poems begin as titles, also.  The great American poet, Wallace Stevens, kept a notebook of strange phrases ("Red Loves Kit," "What They Call Red Cherry Pie,") some of which became poem titles.  My favorite of his odd title, "Mountain Covered With Cats," has nothing to do with either mountains or cats, but the title is whimsical.  So save all your title possibilities like he did, they will lead to excellent poetry. 


This poem works very well in its presentation of the emotion it wants to convey.  But I cannot find the right words to describe my response to that emotion.


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Thank you Starward, excellent

Thank you Starward, excellent suggestion,

sounds like I will start a memo book full

of title themes, for future poetry! Usually

I am enclined to write such title, and complete 

the poem in the same time span! I like your 

idea, as Wallace did! 


Thanks for the comment on the poem

itself! This emotional piece on "SIDS"

I can't imagine the pain a mother

and father would feel!  



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follow the muse--always

follow the muse--always

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Thank you George, great

Thank you George, great advice 

and so true!


Thanks for the read and commen!