My Loving Heart


I have cried with the deepest of sorrows

tears slowly rolling down my cheeks 

What if only I had your love to borrow 

for years my love, not just mere weeks?


My heart has warmly beaten with joy

at the touch of your soothing skin

It has raced with a smile well deployed 

Oh how I adored your beautiful grin!


My soul it clings to better days of yore

before the arrows of lonliness hit

When love was in bloom and I was yours 

and its fragrant perfume it did emit 


As a sunset illicits the feeling of peace 

perhaps one day my soul will be freed

And my lonely tears will finally cease 

love will once again blossom like a seed 




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Cascade's picture

You have turned pain, loss,

You have turned pain, loss, and loneliness, into touching works of art, Dove.

Dove's picture

Thank you kindly

Thank you kindly cascade!