Tis the Night to be Jolly



Tis the night of Jolly and folks gather

 round the table to celebrate Christmas 
The candles are lit and the hearts patter 
The children always making a big fuss 
Underneath the tree presents are laid
Dinner is set, guest are ready to eat
Soon Saint Nicholas will come and he’ll raid
The cookies and milk left out as a treat
After dinner the presents are exchanged 
When all the guest leave it’s time to sleep
The children are in bed far out of range
That’s when Santa thru the chimney creeps 
Nibbles on a cookie and sips on the drink
Says to Rudolph, “there’s water in the sink”


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Cascade's picture

This is sweet and festive.

This is sweet and festive. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas, Dove

Dove's picture

Thank you Cascade! May you

Thank you Cascade! May you Have a wonderful


word_man's picture

Merry Christmas,,great poem

Merry Christmas,,great poem

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Merry, Merry Christmas dear

Merry, Merry Christmas dear Ron!

Wishing you and yours warmth 

and happiness!

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thank you dove

thank you dove

Stephen's picture

Rudolph likes Dr. Pepper,


Dove's picture

Thanks Stephen, I like Dr.

Thanks Stephen, I like Dr. Pepper too!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!