Tis the Season



When the stars are absent in the sky 

And the moon has but a faint glow
The Autumn air is more chilly at night
As the colorful leaves begin to blow
We gaze up waiting for snow to appear
Whilst pumpkins are shivering outside
“Hurry up Thanksgiving is almost here
I could be a freshly baked pumpkin pie”
The turkeys are running scared 
“A baked ham would be a better choice”
The scarecrow he doesn’t have a  care
After all straw people haven’t a voice
The stars are waiting for Old Saint Nick
For soon after the Thanksgiving meal
They’ll be lighting up like a candle wick
and the moons sales will be revealed 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a little holiday humor!

Happy Holidays to all

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bishu's picture

Nice to read PPomies in Festive mood

I'm thinking of changing my profile picture during Christmas. Yay or nay ?



Dove's picture

Tis the season to be

Tis the season to be Jolly,

change your profile Pic, oh golly 

But seriously dear, just a

friendly visit here would be

appreciated! Happy Holidays 


My best To Oli, don’t let

Brutus say Bah Humbug 

penky's picture

A chickens day off

Thank you, aswell to you


Dove's picture

You’re welcome Penky,  Thanks

You’re welcome Penky,

 Thanks for the visit 

and comment!!


Take Care!

allets's picture

Can Barely Wait

I have five bay windows to decorate - Heeeeey! I transmorph into a kid at Christmas :D ~Lady A~



Dove's picture

Wow, have fun! I had to look

Wow, have fun! I had to look up Bay windows!

they look beautiful, should be awesome to

decorate! I just have A huge Santa Face

lighting my window! 


Merry X mas!