Open Your Eyes

Pain and Sorrow



The sky was blackened with nightmares  

not even the stars could shine !

“Open your eyes“ The Gods would whisper 

but the universe held  onto its grip 

There was no crack in It’s eyelids 


The dreams clouded its inner core 

with pustulant nightmarish sores

Till there was no recourse but

to explode ! Sleeping through its veins

the toxic dreams seeped 


Still the eyes could not open!

There was no hope for the

universe! once the poison 

traveled to its heart ! The toxic

dreams destroyed its chambers!


There was no more life and

its soul was released to the

heavens!  God whispered 

“ if only you’d opened your eyes”


The universe smiled and said

” I made it to heaven, all the

nightmares were worth it”


So remember even if your life

is filled with darkness 

and each day is filled with nightmares 

There is always hope that

even if your heart breaks 

your soul will find happiness 

and in the end see the light




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Creative BS lol

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Life Is A Nightmare

Gloom and defeat fill far too many. Light as in getting up and doing something, anything, alleviates the gloomy outlook. Some refuse to get up. 



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Indeed! Act, move forward!

Indeed! Act, move forward! Nothing 

changes if you just procrastinate!