Destiny was written



Destiny was written long ago

Now proclaimed by the stars

Let there be loneliness here

like ramblings of the moon from afar


We humans walk the earth

gazing up at the moonlight

As each new dawn gives birth

we bathe our eyes upon daylight 


Yet destiny wanders into our life

and leads us astray from loves embrace 

Though we encounter daily strife 

while wiping the sadness from our face



loneliness is but the fruit of unloved

so we must not bury the seed within

To flourish we must fill with self love

Ignore destiny, never let it win



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I Do Not Believe In Predetermined Destiny

We make our fate. We are alone in that endeavor; we will make the future or nothing else can or will, unless nature intervenes and takes us out totally. Free will is our curse and our blessing. Love is the byproduct of empathy and friendship. - slc



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They say to believe in

They say to believe in destiny

is that of a lazy mind,  those whom

are not willing act but rather

accept things as fate, rather

than applying free will and changing 

things!  So I agree with your

point of view!