The glow in your eyes


The celestial heavens are things of beauty 

The moon and stars
how lovely they paint the skies 
I never knew there could be
something lovelier 
until that moment I gazed into your eyes
Oh how your eyes sparkled back at me
The stars surely had to envy their shine
I’d travel far and wide,
swim all the  seven seas
Just to gaze into them time to time 
Every brilliant twinkle
makes me smile from afar
There’s no greater joy I found alive 
Then to gaze at the envious little stars 
Trying to out twinkle the glow in your eyes 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trying to break the rhyming pattern 

sometimes it gives the poem 

a plastic feel lol 

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Stephen's picture

Elegantly stated.


Dove's picture

Thanks Stephen! ;-)

Thanks Stephen! ;-)