On The Other Side Of Daylight

Reality, Time,


On the other side of daylight

when midnight is in bloom

I can picture your eyes

gazing at the soft glowing moon


My eyes fixed on the sunrise above

though we‘re so far away

I know our hearts are filled with love

each and every day


Though we may see a different sky

As our dreamy eyes gaze from afar

We dream, hope, maybe even sigh 

as the moon kisses the distant stars



Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by bishu “The Other side of daylight “ quote

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allets's picture

Midnight In Bloom

Dripping from the moon

a thousand lovers

a thousand slow smiles

suspended in sighs

and a host of moonflowers

challenging earth

to a duel.





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What a gorgeous

What a gorgeous reply! 

Another short poem of

natures beauty! 



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Very beautiful poem.


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Thanks Stephen!

Thanks Stephen! Always 

appreciate your read and