Just Pondering made up words

perhaps of my own creation

They would be of affections no doubt 


A lubber, instead Of lover 

but it already exist 

For calling a lover lazy 

would be a new twist 


afectiouskiss -

 affection driven kiss



a wet drooling kiss




a delightful soft kiss

no tongue included 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A kiss is not a kiss

until you've

been scrumpuckered!  lol 

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Interesting. --- Stephen


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Thanks Stephen! Appreciate

Thanks Stephen! Appreciate the read

and comment!

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scrumpuckered sounds loverly. 

Copyright © hopefulwoman

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Thanks dearest!!! Smilez!

Thanks dearest!!! Smilez!

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This New Word Tickled Me

It's a word now! :D  SCRUMPUCKERED ROCKS!


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Glad to have touched

Glad to have touched you!

Smilez I love the word too!