Love , Passion



There’s a beauty I shall never forget 

A luster that never fades or dies
It makes my heart beat like a wild drum
It’s the brilliant shine reflected in your eyes
There’s only one warmth that soothes me
Much more comfortable than a shower
Warmer than the suns marvelous rays 
Your caresses laced with seductive power 
Your voice , angels are certainly drawn too
Your voice a symphony of beautiful notes
Soothing like Native American wooden flutes  
 Soul penetrating , magical I always float 
Your Lips , more intoxicating than liquor 
Tastier than Belgian chocolates I adore
They thrill me with their pinkish softness 
My body parts always craving them more  
That is why You’re  unforgettable darling
Why my tender soul always sighs
It’s the lonely hours without your magic
That pierces my heart as I cry 
Yet I am hopeful as each day passes by
That I shall feel you by my lonely side
If not in this lifetime , by the higher powers 
Then in heaven certainly, when we both die 
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