Moon Beams


Moonbeams dance upon the velvet  sky

Far in the distance the bright stars listen
like diamond jewels before my very eyes
the pin drops of heaven softly glisten
There in the darkness an angel whispers
The moon beams expose his elegant wings
A great body amongst his saintly features 
He calls my name, and in my soul it rings
Shivering in bed, my heart beats wild
An angel,  not a mortal man at my side
Presses his lips upon my cheek, I smile
A blush overcomes me, one I cannot hide
The stars in  the skies gazing down at me
I tremble behind the shadows of the night 
As he  wraps his  elegant wings around  me 
my souls soars and then the angel takes flight
The radiant beams of warmth swallows him
and all that is left a vision I must have dreamt 
Until I gaze upon a feather on my bed, I grin
And whisper”Tis But a lovely night well spent”
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Poem redone:

from naughty to nice lol

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bishu's picture

Very romantik

Moonlight on her shoulders

Moonlight on the boulders

Moonlight on the terrace

Moonlight on her face

Moonlight lulling to sleep

Moonlight memories to keep


Your poem slashed 20 years off my age Laughing



Dove's picture

Nice jingle, moonlight on

Nice jingle,


moonlight on the terrace

a splendid night for two

The Evil queen asked "whose the fairest"

The mirror replys "My queen It's not you"


Moonlight Lulling to sleep,

the  sleeping fair princess

Upon awakening, many moonlight memories to keep





bishu's picture

Oooo Dubblee

Tanks of thanks.... for your moonthoughts


Monnlove is for all

It doesn't discriminate

Twixt short n tall

On this hotsummer noon

Lookin forward to shy moon



Dove's picture

Your welcome dearest

Your welcome dearest bishu,


The shy moon hides behind misty clouds

Peeking through a sliver of fading mist

There upon the  terrace standing proud

is bishu to his love, blowing a kiss

The Moon blushes  then says aloud

Thank you dear , this is something i wouldn't miss 



word_man's picture

sounds like a wonderful

sounds like a wonderful experience

Dove's picture

Yes Indeed Ron, and always my

Yes Indeed Ron, and always my favorite fantasy!