The Tapping at my Door

Moonbeams haunt me this night,

just like before

a scandalous awakening of fright 

a tapping at my door


Through wearied eyed , and teary

an action I deplore 

The sound so dark and dreary

the rapping at my door 


My heart lost in its rapture

a fear I also deplore

Why winged seraphims cannot capture

the slapping at my door


The Moon my only light

I panic just like before

The knocking gives me fright

the tapping at the door 


I walk ahead to only find

my weakness, which I abhor 

 I must be losing my mind

there is no one tapping at my door 


Just as I lay back into my bed 

moonlight shining as before

I hear the sounds I dread

The tapping sounds at my door 


I close my eyes heavy with fright

fall asleep once more 

Dreaming , every single night 

demons  are tapping at my door


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A hint of Poe’s , the Raven

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Stephen's picture

Imitationion speaks highly of the one imitated.

Nice write.   ---    Stephen

Dove's picture

Thanks dearest Stephen, glad

Thanks dearest Stephen,

glad you think so! Smilez