Ballad of Milton Black

Chapter One

The Wolf

(to be written)


Chapter Two

Trouble Building


When word reached Milton about the death of his brother, he became furious. The guy responsible was still walking around town and someone had to do something. He devised a plan. Not a smart one, but he didn't care. He knew his crossbow wouldn't be sufficient. After all, it was slow to reload and if he missed, he would be in trouble. As for his sledgehammer, he didn't figure he could get close enough to his target to be able to hit him, not to mention how slow it was to swing. He needed something that he couldn't possibly miss with, and that did a lot of damage. He headed down the street towards Thompson's General Store, which was across the street from the sheriff's office. As he entered, his eyes went immediatly to the guns. He spotted the shotguns and moved over towards them. 


"Hey there, Milton! What can I do you for?" Thompson said as he approached.


Milton didn't respond but instead picked up a brand new Remington Whitmore M1873 10 gauge double barrel.


"Ah she's a beauty ain't she? Just got it in last week." 


Milton again said nothing, but his anger flared and he cold cocked Thompson hard across the face in an effort to knock him out. He didn't need a witness after all. Thompson spun hard and fell to the floor, but wasn't unconscious as Milton had hoped. Instead, as Milton moved towards the boxes of ammo behind the counter, Thompson scrambled to his feet and out the door. 


Milton had never used a gun before and, looking over the many different kinds of ammo, realized he had no idea what he was doing, but it was too late. Thompson was no doubt already at the sheriff's office and he had to move quickly. He grabbed the first box of shells he could see and hurried out the door, shotgun under his arm. He opened the box as he walked, spilling a couple of the 12 gauge shells to the floor. As he exited the door, the sheriff was exiting across the street, still attaching his gun belt. 


"Milton! Hold up a minute!" the sheriff yelled. 


Milton chose to ignore him and moved quickly towards the home of his brothers killer. He dropped a couple more shells trying to put them into the shotgun and grabbed 2 more out of the box. He threw the box to the ground and decided he would just use these two as he took the shotgun in one hand and loaded the shells in, noting they were a little loose fit, he shrugged. 


'Must be normal...' he thought to himself.


By this time, he had reached the door and he could hear the sheriff yelling at him and getting closer. Milton gave a swift kick to the door but it wouldn't budge. Not having anymore time, he threw his whole body at it and busted it open. There stood Gregory Wallace, the killer of Milton Black's brother. He raised the shotgun, holding it like he did his crossbow and taking aim. Wallace stood there, unsure of exactly what to do at this point.


"Milton! Hold it!" 

"He killed my brother Sheriff." 

"I know son, I was there. It was self defense. If you do this, you'll regret it and it won't bring your brother back."

"It's gotta be done... it's the code..." 

Milton drew back the hammers on both barrells and the sheriff drew his gun and took aim, readying it as well.


"Don't do it Milton, I'm giving you a warning. It doesn't have to go this way. Put the gun down... and let's talk..."


Milton's mind began to race. He played over multiple scenarios of all kinds of choices. Shooting the guy, trying to run from the sheriff, even surrendering. He watched as they all flashed before his eyes in a single moment. He only saw one that didn't result in his death. Surrender. Slowly, he put the gun down and raised up his hands. The sheriff, keeping his gun pointed towards Milton and at the ready, moved over slowly and picked up the shotgun before holstering his own weapon. 


"Okay Milton, come on. Let's go talk." The sheriff said as he started to lead Milton Black away. As they started down the road, Greg Wallace ran outside after them, the sun showing the dark, wet spot that had appeared on the front of his pants trailing down his leg. 


"Who's gonna pay fer my door?" he yelled out.

"Wallace, shut the hell up and go home and be glad I'm a fair man!" The sheriff responded, shaking his head with disbelief.


Wallace froze, in an almost shocked state at what the sheriff had just said to him.


As the sheriff walked with Milton, he opened up the shotgun to remove the ammo and spoke up.


"I'll be godammed Milton! If you'd've fired this thing it'd have blown up right in your face!" 


Milton felt bad. He lowered his head, cursing himself for his stupidity and kept walking in silence. As they reached the jail and entered, the Sheriff was the first one to speak up.


"Alright son, now you know I can't just let you go for what you did. You busted up Mr. Thompson pretty good, not to mentioon what you did to Mr. Wallace's door. Now I can talk to Thompson about the theft of the shotgun and the bullets, since I have them all right here, but you'll still have to stay for at least a couple of days." He said as he opened the door to the back where the cells were. And don't worry, I'm not even gonna charge you for the attempted murder of Greg Wallace cause between you and me, if he wasn't such a law abiding citizen, I'd've shot that sumbitch the day he came into town." 


Milton nodded and stepped into the cell. He reckoned his wolf would go back to being feral but he had little choice. There was just no way he could escape now.


Chapter 3

The Breakout


Sean McCormick was not your normal criminal. Aside from being wanted all over the territory for various crimes, on this particular day he was in jail as bait for a larger criminal. For the last four years, he rode with a group of outlaws calling themselves the Foxx Den. At the top, leading the group, was a pair of brothers who went by the names 'Redd Foxx' and 'Rock-It', who was noted for using boulders and rocks to cause a lot of damage to wagons and trains. No one had ever seen their faces as they wore various masks, but Sean was pretty high up, this much the Sheriff knew. And they were notorious for never leaving anyone behind. It was the Sheriff's hope to use this information to get them to show up and because of this very reason, he wasn't happy that he now had to put Milton Black in the cells with Sean. Little did he know though, Sean took great interest upon hearing the name Gregory Wallace and, when the door was closed and it was just the two of them, Sean whispered through the bars.


"Hey... psst... did you really try to kill Black Eye Wally?"

Milton simply nodded without making eye contact.

"You're either really brave or really stupid. Which is it kid?"

Milton got pissed and turned to face Sean, slamming his hand against the bars.

"I AIN'T STUPID!" he screamed.

"Quiet down back there!" the Sheriff exclaimed. 


Suddenly, a crash could be heard up front and a lot of commotion. Then, the door to the cells was being opened up. First one to enter was the Sheriff, his hands up high. Second, a man wearing a cowl made from what looked like a raccoon, and third was a man wearing a cowl made from a fox. Milton couldn't see their faces. The Sheriff moved over and unlocked Sean's cell. As he did, Sean spoke up.


"Glad to see ya boss, we should take this kid too." Motioning towards Milton. "He tried to kill Black Eye Wally." 

A rough voice spoke up and pressed the barrel of the gun to the brainstem of the Sheriff. 

"That true Sheriff? That's what you got him in here for?" 

"Nope, got him in here for trying to steal a shotgun and busting up the storekeeper. But it is true he tried to kill Gregory Wallace."

"Damn kid, ok, him too." he said to the Sheriff who moved over to open the cell door. 

"Don't do this Milton. You're a good kid and these guys will just get you killed." The sheriff warned as he opened the door.


Milton stood there for a moment looking between them all, then stepped out of the cell. As they all moved towards the door of the jail, the surprise was sprung. 4 lawmen came out from the general store armed with rifles and six shooters. They pointed them at the remaining outlaw outside with the horses and called out. 


"Throw down your guns. There's no escape."

"Shit! You planned this Sheriff?" The fox mask said.

"Afraid it's over Redd Foxx. Might as well surrender!" The sheriff said.


Redd Foxx smacked him hard across the face with his pistol with the full force of his anger. 


"Get in here son, this is gonna be ugly!" he yelled out.


The outlaw on the horse quickly reared his horse up allowing himself to roll backwards and hit the dust as he drew his pistol. He kicked at his horses feet slightly to spook it some and caused it to kick up some dust as he rolled over, firing off a shot hitting one of the four deputies and causing them to scatter. The dust made it difficult to see, but one of the riflemen got a lock on him and fired back, hitting him as he rolled. 


Redd Foxx offered Milton a six shooter 


"Telling you Milton, don't do this. You're young and you have your whole life." The sheriff warned.


Milton took the pistol and moved over towards one of the windows as the other outlaws did the same, Redd Foxx keeping his gun on the Sheriff. As the fight continued outside, the grounded outlaw scrambled up to his feet believing he could make it to safety, but another bullet fired true and he dropped just outside the doorway. As time seemed to stand still for the Foxx Den members, the Sheriff used the moment to break free and run for the door. Redd Foxx was the first to shoot and hit the sheriff in the arm. Next, Milton tried a shot but instead hit one of the posts. Third up was Rock-It, hitting the sheriff in the leg, slowing him down. Then another shot to the other leg dropped the Sheriff to the ground, spinning around he drew his own gun and fired true. The shot hit Redd Foxx square in the chest and he dropped to the ground dead. The gang froze for a moment as bullets continued firing. Rock-It became pissed and grabbed his bag, tying 2 sticks of dynamite together and snipping the fuse short. He then grabbed a nearby lantern, lit the fuse and threw it out the window. In a massive blast, it killed one of the deputies and blew the front porch off the general store. One of the deputies darted inside to avoid the damage and decided to keep firing from the doorway. Another shot from the lawmen dropped the next outlaw and Milton and Rock-It was now all that was left. Milton fired again, missing in the worst possible way as he shot Redd Foxx's horse. One of the outlaws quickly moved over, grabbed the gun from Milton's hand and just shook his head. The deputy inside the general store, realizing he had a perfect shot, fired, killing the outlaw. Another shot hit Milton and dropped him to the ground as he screamed in pain. He grabbed at the wound, crying horribly as blood seeped through his fingers like a busted water pipe. Rock-It tossed another stick of dynamite at the doorway of the general store. A little pissed off, and a little too strong. It sored past the deputy in there and reached the ammo and powder section. Suddenly, the entire General Store went up in a massive explosion that killed two deputies and gave Rock-It the chance he needed. He fired another shot and quickly jumped on his horse to make a getaway. The Sheriff fired off two more rounds, and one of them connected, but not well enough as the outlaw disappeared into the night. 


With the General Goods store now a burning pile of rubble, the Sheriff struggled to make his way towards the jail to survey the damage. He saw Milton Black laying there, dead from a shot to the chest and simply shook his head. 


"I'm sorry son..." he said as he stepped back outside and headed down the street towards the docs office. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a small campaign I did by myself using the Sidewinder Recoiled rules. Unfortunately, it ended far too soon for my tastes, but that's the way the dice rolled. Hope y'all enjoy it.

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