With just three words.

I was wandering about, wallowing in my sorrows, confused, lost,

I was doing everything and anything to numb myself, no matter the cost,

I was heavy into drugs, I was hurting, I had no will to fight,

That very day, that night, I had planned to take my life,

And as I wandered into a flat green plain, I came across a rose,

I ignored it at first, I was angry at the world, I was too cold,

To realize that this lone rose, was the light I had been searching for,

I went back to that place every day, and I began to enjoy its beauty more,

And each day I did so, this rose only seemed to blossom, brightening in color,

I watched as people hurt her, this beautiful rose, and I swore to protect her,

And each time one of her petals would fall, I'd pick them up, and I'd patch her up,

I wanted to realize just how beautiful a rose she was, I wanted to make her tough,

Because I had planned my death, and I wished for her to be able to fend for herself while I was gone to hell below, or heaven above,

But then something happened, something I swore would never be possible again, with this lone rose, I fell in love,

And the day I planned to take my life, with three easy words she saved me, I told her I had to go and she replied, "I'll miss you."

I left that day, lying in my bed, I thought to myself, if I should just stay a little longer here, maybe, this rose, she could love me, too.

Eventually the day came, that I chose to tell her how I felt, about how she made my heart race, my lips curve into a smile,

And she fell into my arms in tears, we embraced in silence for a while,

When we finally spoke, she agreed to be mine, and from that moment my life changed,

Yes, I was no longer cold, her heart warmed me, I was happy for once, no longer filled with hate,

We shared many words from that point on, my favorite being "I love you, too."

Heh, yeah, this beautiful rose, she saved me, with just three words, as she whispered to me, "I'll miss you."

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and then in a second life had

and then in a second life had meaning ,,,,


i love it