Sadistic Sin

Hidden behind a troubled past,

I see behind your constructed mask,

Locked deep in the depths of your mind,

I see behind your fearful eyes,

Oh, you're practically begging me to play,

This sadistic, twisted, violent game,

I love a good game of chase,

Come on Darling, just a taste,

You're breaking down, your body is numb,

Oh, but it has only just begun,

The pain never ends, or so it seems,

You can't help but to think it all a dream,

Ah, I'll get you when you are sleeping,

In your warm bed, sinking, dreaming,

Your body is dying, your mind is broken,

You've lost all sense of direction,

Come my love, embrace the infection,

Oh, can you taste the blood?

Feel the air leaving your lungs?

I see your frantically heaving chest,

This will be your final breath,

This is your end,

You can no longer fend,

Come on, baby, let me in,

Give into my sadistic sin. 

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