Oh, Darling, but it just isn't quite the same.
I speak softly, as I rip off her clothes,
It will be swift, Love, if you would just behave.
All the beauty resides in the cold,
You made made such a fuss, when you were alive,
Now your cold dead lips, they beckon mine,
It's cold now, your whitened flesh,
No movements or sounds, under my gentle caress,
No muscles tense, under my hungry kiss,
The taste almost to sweet, as I lick my lips,
No this simply will not do,
I'll create my own entrance,
Perhaps one, or two,
The metallic shines bright, as the blade pierces your skin,
A groan of pleasure, hn... delectable sin...
And as the crimson line appears,
I cannot help, but be brought to tears,
The beauty is almost too much, I'm ready to blow,
My lovely dead girl, lets start the show,
I sink my member, into your cold flesh,
The warmth of your blood, ah... a warm nest,
Lubricated with blood, I'm ready to fuck,
My hands on your shoulders, I gently slid in,
Into your cold, lifeless cunt,
And in between your ribs,
The pleasure is almost too much to bare,
But Darling I'm not finished just yet,
A few rips, wounds here and there,
Finally, it's time to finish the rest,
Thrusting, shoving, groaning,
The pleasure, the love, the moaning,
No screams of pain, No screams of fear,
No fighting it off, no pouring tears,
The blood, the cold, the heat,
Is just too much, for me,
A strangled moan, and finally, a release.
This is my curse, my hated disease,
Necrophilia, is not a want, but a need.
And as I lay your body down,
I let out, a much more satisfied sound,
Look to your body, covered in red,
Yes my Love, you are much more beautiful,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Logan.

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hopelessly-candid's picture

ur poem is pretty awesome....

ur poem is pretty awesome.... its totally creepy in like every way.... but there was a lot of genius behind it.... can i ask wat inspired u

Disgusting's picture

Ah, I was requested to do a

Ah, I was requested to do a poem revolving around necrophilia, and so I did. That was my inspiration for this poem.

wantingthatrelease's picture


Something so  twisted. U wrote so beautifully

Disgusting's picture

Thank you.

Heh, I'm glad you appreciate it. Thank you.

Brother57's picture

That's the most disturbing

That's the most disturbing thing I've ever read. O.o

Disgusting's picture

It came from a very disturbed

It came from a very disturbed mind, Darling.