God get it out! I'm bleeding..

Watch, from my skin, it's seeping,

See my chest, It's heaving,

Fast and uneven breathing,

Dripping, sliding, down my wrist,


Gathering it's warmth, in my clenched fist,

I'm screaming, God, I'm screaming,

But no matter how loud, no one hears me,

I'm drowning, suffocating, in this dark,

It's eating, and tearing, at my heart,

It wants me dead, it wants me gone,

I'll escape during the day, but in my dreams, 

It'll haunt.


On my knees, I'm begging,

For anything, for something,

A release, no more pain,

No more confusion or hate,

..But it never comes, no, it never will,

Its scream is near, Its scream is shrill,

It haunts all that is me...

Dear God.. It haunts my dreams.


I'll close my eyes, after a long day,

I'll fold my hands, and I'll pray,

For one night of bliss, just some sleep,

I pray the lord, my soul to keep.


I can run, but I can't hide,

In my dreams, they will die,

In my dreams, It will haunt,

My most innocent of thoughts,

It'll tear it apart, until It has had enough,

It'll tear it apart, until nothing is left.


What is this darkness, that haunts my dreams,

Makes me sweat and shake, makes me scream?

Makes me shed, every tear,

Well my friend...

We know It by the name of,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nightmares gettin' to me, heh.

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DeadRoses's picture


i love this peom you wrote i feel the pain and the *fear (meanly of me*) well im off to the world that loves to kill yay peace im a VAMPIRE! lol sorry for my weirdness

Leo87's picture


i have read more works from you then just this one.. and i gotta say you have some real talent.. all is beautifully written.

Disgusting's picture

Thank you.

Thank you.