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Mankato, MN

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Age: 19.

Other: I enjoy criticism. I like to express myself through poems, therefore most of the poems posted will be thoughts, ideas, feelings, ect. There will be times where I post something that you find either disturbing, or disgusting, heh, I only ask you keep your negative thoughts and feelings to yourself, as I did not make you read my poems, nor am I forcing you to.

I don't do much with my life, And I don't have too many friends. The ones I do have are online. I don't open up easily, in fact I tend to push people away. Often times I come off as rude, or mean. I apologize in advance for that. Not everything about me is dark, I've some good things about me, I suppose. That is up to you to find out.

I spend my days hidden in my room where I read, write, draw, or browse the internet. I keep socializing to a minimum.

I hope you enjoy my poems. I prefer everything else about me to remain unspoken.

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I work with graphic art. I draw them free hand with a wacom tablet.


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