When I'm Alone With You


You're the voice in my head

the song in my heart

the feel in my soul

that makes my life glow

like the midnight glow

brighter than the sun

brighter than the stars

the moon in the sky

I love you

you know I do



Every time I see you

I fall so hard

'cause I wanna be with you

I wanna be everywhere you are

everywhere you wanna go

I just long to be with you



I love you

you know I do

the look in your eyes

your heart and soul

is what gets me through



When I'm Alone With You

I see nobody else

I'm all about you

there's no one else

that can do the things you do

When I'm Alone With You

When I'm Alone WIth You



That look in your eyes

tells me

something else

something I need to see

something I need to hear

it's your heart and soul

telling me

you're always here


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



 I can feel your heart

 from miles away

I can feel your soul

telling me

you wanna stay





When I look in your eyes

the gate way to your soul

you can tell me no lies

you can't let go

you can't let go

don't want you to let me go


Repeat Bridge and Chorus



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