Ghost of You


I feel like I'm grasping

At what's already gone
A shade of the past
A cruel man's con


And I cannot figure
How we got here
To a place where I shed
Many a tear


Where my tears mingle
With the rain
And although I love you
You cause me pain


How'd we get here
From a place so bright?
Appeared in darkness
What happened to the light?


From a time when we'd
Speak everyday
A time long ago
When "you're perfect" we'd say


A time when I'd
Call you sweetheart
When we were together
Yet so far apart


It's been a year
Since the start
Were you ever not
In my heart?


I'm clinging to
These fond memories
Soaked by my sorrow
Down on my knees


A month without you
Feels like eternity
I feel you slipping 
Into anonymity


All this history
Was any true?
This unfinished business
The ghost of you

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