Friends and Fiends

Through this facade
You cannot see
All the things
I should be


All the people
Trapped inside
All the feelings
I shouldn't hide


So many people
Think they know me
Only the exterior
I allow them to see


I'm an enigma
A hidden mystery
A smiling boy
With a dark history


They sing the words
But they don't understand
They don't know what it's like
To be touched by evil's hand


They don't have
A cursed dark heart 
They don't have
Their souls torn apart


All this pain
Living in me
All this pain
They can't see


I embrace it
I channel it
It makes me
Will never break me


Nothing will keep me
In a cage
Even now
My pain is rage


This love
This hate
Not enough
To sate


Love and hate 
Define me
Define the angel
I should be
Define the demon 
They made me


I'll show myself
To those who can be trusted
To those of you
Who's values haven't rusted


I'll show to you
My hellish interior
To those of you
Who've felt inferior


Who know my pain
Who've dealt with fiends
Who sing the words
And know what it means

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