A Reluctant Queen; Part 2





Wentelen busied herself the rest of the morning and half of the mid day. Tending to the preparations in the grand hall for night's festivities. Directing the placing of tables and benches, candle trees, decorations and banners. Working back and forth between the hall and the kitchen overseeing to the cooking and tasting of the beast, all in keeping to her Mother's The Duchess's instructions.


She occasionally she would see Gawain passing the side halls, heading in and out of the Council room with the other commanders and members of the dais. She wanted to stop but she knew if she had there would be gossip and more of it if Alfred had heard of it. 


The Council was going over the affairs of the Kingdom since their long absence on the champagne. Everything was being reviewed and documented into law. She occasionally heard the arguments when the big banded  doors opened as people moved about in and out...


But earlier in the morning,...


Wentelen had received word of Gawain and after reading it to Frances, quickly tucked the dispatch in her gown as the Bishop approached her on the Landing. He was alive and returning to her!, She had been secretly waiting for him on his arrival, and

had been watching carefully after the greeting time in the courtyard. Seeing him dismount and head to the stables She timed her movement and made her way carefully towards the stable and the long bench outside at the barracks building 

Silently inching her way up behind him as he broke down his armor and chain-mail laying it on the bench next to his Clay-more, as his man cleaned and repaired it.

He looked bruised and tired. His muscular form still strong and firm despite returning from battle, matching the armor shape perfectly. He was quite a handsome man in her sight, well formed and strong.


She was unnoticed, when she picked up his claymore at the grip laying the blade flat across his shoulder at his neck line, giggling.


He reached behind him sensing her approach and the blade, covering her petite hand and fingers. placing his massive hand around hers at the grip, turning his body ducking under the blade to face her. Then removing it from her hand in one move, laying it softly back on the table.


"Slowly Lass", he told her. "The first cut is to the deepest"


Her eyes flashed as she reached quickly, her free hand grabbing his open collar, at his under armor. The rough textured cloth open at his neck that was made of the mixing spider silk, keratin and bone. Woven to make the cut resistant soft under- armor covering.

Pulling him to her as she retreated backwards, pulling him under the dimly lit outside stairway of the barracks. Backing up against the wall, their meeting not meant to be obvious to any in passing.


His emerald eyes and long blond Saxon hair following, watching his facial outline as she pulled him to her whispering to him tenderly.


"I thought you lost to me, my warrior" she told him. "It has been too long to feel your hands and fingers about "me" body my Liege" Wentelen, continuing in whisper...


"Each night I prayed you safe, my Moon and Stars; For your return to me"...


"I pledge you Gawain of timberland-north",

Wentelen leaning to him nuzzling his nose, then pausing resting her forehead to his. Then moving her lips, falling against his neck line. With a light slide- feeling the dry soft saline tasting of his skin, while Inhaling his scent in the embrace that she had so longed for, as she spoke to him. 


"I will never be agreed upon as his bride. Lest I take the blade across "me" breasts to make the open deep; and deny the milk of life to his first born. My child will not carry another's name but yours alone", "It is my promise my love"...


"He is a known- an impostor, Wentelen" Gawain whispering back.  "I Pray not you be deceived" as he kissed her.


"Yet you fought beside him Gawain?" Her eyes open intensely fixed on him following his lips, and his words to her. She did not wish to hear any truths or accolades of another but her Gawain.


"It was for your Father only", "Your father has his favor as well as King Edward's and the Queen Mother's, Wentelen", "it has already been chosen for you."


"Your father's oath to Edward for the land and wealth, Wen!" reasoning with her, choosing the affectionate name he had for her.


"I can not offer it"...


"Nay, I can not bare it", "I will not"..."You will not speak it", She told him



"I will make father see this ruse my moon and starts, I shall"

"I am yours I swear it", Moving forward against him pressing her lips to his in a deep kiss.


Their hands moving in slow erotic play about each others person pressing hard against her, as her back pressed hard against the wall.  Lifting her gown and under wrap as they closed around each other under the stairwell.

As deep panting breaths and stuttered breathing defined the early mid-morning sounds. Mixing in the quiet diminished beginning sunrise.  Each private feral touche, each position, now becoming two. The ghosting shadows sweet and softly hidden under the stairway...




.. It was Later in the afternoon, when all things were completed for the evening preparations; when Wentelen retired to her chamber to draw her bath and prepare for the evening. She stood in the water tub as her ladies finished bathing her, and wrapped her to dry.


"He is such a handsome man, he is.", Ada. told her speaking of Alfred


"I would would have a try at a man like that!" Fina told her

"I would make him forget his name!" Idonea told Wentelen


"Stop!" Wentelen  told the girls laughing. "If you wish it, take him"... "with my blessings!"  Smirking as she unwrapped the drying cloth handing it to Idonea


"I do not understand", Fina told her.

"He is handsome, well healed and bred. His wealth is known."

"And He has your fathers and the King's favor?" Idonea shaking her head. "You will be blessed with fine son's"


"You sound like the Queen Mother", Wentelen told her

"NO!", It is my choice whose bed I lay in or I lay with"


Just then the chamber door unlatched!  Lady Frances walked in looking at the Ladies, then back at  Wentelen  who was starting to dress for the evening.


Wentelen looking at her with a smirk. "Save me Frances, these three will have me an Old Crow with too many children before love" Laughing, looking at Frances with an inquisitive look".


"Now shew!", Wentelen told the three girls, "I will ask Frances to assist me this evening", "Go get ready for your evening"


She winked as the Girls closed the chamber door leaving both Frances and Wentelen alone in the chamber. Wentelen with her hand turned up flat as to gesture, showing her palms as if asking a question. She was  looking at Frances like she was about to ask what?.. or who? Then changed her mind


"Red or Black" she asked Frances interrupting quickly, Holding up the two gowns the girls had prepared for her

"You know he hates you in Black", Frances told her.

"Than Black it shall be!", as they chuckled...


Wentelen, while still holding up the gown to Frances...Asking as the door closed; 'Now that the girls are gone, what is your question of me Frances?"...







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