The Promise of A Cinnamon Kiss

Circa 1462; Dunstanburgh Castle
A note dropped to an awaiting rider

the Segregative thought is mine my love
to sleep alone in this bed of spice
nontropical and wild

for this Boone is his folly, in the marriage quest
and I will not protect this forlorn husband to be
as my fathers claim
across the land to the north
to be but my falsity

meet me at the Tapanze draw
on the bridge at dawn
so you may hold me
in your arms of forgiveness
as I cross my heart to be yours

or I will draw this sword
to cut "me" breast and deny
the milk of life to his firstborn

let me see you ride to me there
so I may lay this blade aside my heart
In promise, I remain un-sheathed

with my open-deep until you touch me there
And I will hand you proof of my soul
for your hands alone hold me to you

it is my troth
to never be taken as his queen arranged
and for you to see this Black Rose rise
in the four green fields where we shall ride

My quest is as yours to cross this land
to be taken as yours alone my love,
it is my promise to you

keep it safe Warrior, here is my heart...

Written by Daniella Nikolayeva; dannigirl933

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Reading this poem was like

Reading this poem was like hearing the words spoken, not read, like a great medieval play on stage.


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thank you so much for writing

thank you so much for writing this, this made my day. I sometimes, when writing at night escape and get into the poem as I am the one in it. A habbit from University. Had two professors to tell me if you do not feel it, or if it does not bring you to tears, then you are not  both used to say this to us in classes. I guess it sort of stuck on me a bit. 

Daniella Nikolayeva

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Your comment about night

Your comment about night writing reminded me of the poems of Wallace Stevens, who was an insurance executive and lawyer  by day, and reserved his nights and weekends for writing.  Your phrase "get into the poem I am the one in it," is brilliantly constructed and shows a lot of insight.  I know you are going to be one of postpoems' major contributors because of what you have already posted, and the insights that your comments show.


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I am no pro at this, but I do

I am no pro at this, but I do like this site and the people. there is a lot of talent here.  far more than I am here. it is nice to read them all and write with the others.

I am pleased to be here and give it a go. 

Daniella Nikolayeva

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pretty imagery here.  lovely

pretty imagery here.  lovely poem

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thank you so much for reading

thank you so much for reading me. appreciated.

Daniella Nikolayeva