A Sea of Conflict; Part 1; Krystyna (A Fiction Story)

The London Times has not been good for days now, the daily news
about Hitler and his ill-advised escapades. Krystyna, re-folding the paper laying it back down on the Terrace Table.

"More bad news I am afraid Mum", Anna told her; "Your tea Mum"
"Lovely", "Thank you"; Krystyna told her as she leaned back with the cup positioned in her fingers.

She loved mornings with her husband on the Terrace. The light chill in the air this time of the year. The morning mist leaving, mixing with the scents of the cut wheat still wet and heavy on the down rows. With the due laded kale grasses drying in the rising sun in the Countryside air on a perfect English morning. Adding to it was the steam off the Tea cup teasingly soft while rising in the beauty and quiet. All was mixing to color a perfect painting of Tudor life found all about her... However with the state of affairs now in the country she is spending more time alone without his company

..Her personal thoughts suddenly interrupting in the moment, while turning to look as the Glass door opened and John appeared on the terrace.

"You are up early my Love", Krystyna looking at John, a bit surprised and interrupted. He had been gone, down to Her old Flat near Trafalgar for the last 4 days, they kept it for getaways and a place when he needed to be in Parliament and not in his office, or when in the city for various outings and dates together; and she was not expecting him home or to be awake this early

"You worked long into the evening again", she told him. "Let me guess", she told him. "Churchill again!"

John bending over to kiss her good morning with a rye smile; "It is the nature of these times, Krystav'a"; Using his pet name for her.

"The work has us all on edge Love"; John making himself comfortable in the chair across from her as he reached for the radio at the center of the table. To her he looked tired and not well rested

"Is it that, or those bloody conservatives again!"; she answered him
"I wish you would just rest Luv, you need your rest", "This Hitler bullocks has everyone in a bloody teensy!"

“John you know this establishment and the key figures in the aristocracy. Hell, even the press are keen supporters of the Man!", "This is not your fight alone, it is Churchills and his people", Krystyna trying to reason with him against a losing cause.

"No", "one wants Nazism, but they admire him and feel he offers the best means right now of preventing the spread of communism", "Krysav'a"

" But!, they tend to turn a blind eye to the anti-Semitism, John"

John indicating he had heard her, but he had his focus on the radio and the German Chancellor's' speech. He was adjusting the broadcast frequency and the sound to listen. When Anna approached him at the table.
Setting the server tray down next to John handing him the packet that arrived by post earlier in the morning's dispatch from his Office.
All the working papers of last few nights of Parliaments Emergency Session.
The official Hansard with current drafts of the night sessions. Along with other allied reports and clarifications of possible meanings, produced by the committees for his office to review.

"Your morning post, sir" she told him as she placed his Tea cup and fresh scones near his reach. John, opening up the packet not noticing Anna's movements as she poured for him, finished, curtsied and turned to leave...

"You know! you could at least acknowledge her once in awhile John", "she works hard for you!", Krystyna looking across at him sternly.

"I am sorry luv"; he answered her. He already had fixed his attention on the first two documents he removed from the envelope. Not looking at her, but answering her almost automatically without thought of her words to him; but still remaining fixed on the radio instead...

..Krystyna, stopping herself to avoid the argument, almost returning to her morning view in silence for the moment. But the more pleasant thoughts of it were now mixing with the dispatch envelope and the German Chancellor's speech on the short wave in the background. She sipped her tea and reached to touch his hand tenderly, in a gesture of support. Meddling her fingers with his as she sat and listened.

Krystyna was fluent in German from time spend in the Britische Botschaft, in Berlin- the United Kingdom's diplomatic mission working for the newly commissioned MI6. Working as an interpreter and linguist in German and Russian affairs when they first met.

He was her first and only love. and she his confident and keeper. They were dynamic as a pair. She, a Polish-Jewish born- educated in England. He a cambridge man and a Chief Barrister. Well trained, and an expert respected in Law of the commonwealth. Commissioned by Parliament from a prominent family.

He was her protector. Her defender in marriage against the socialite pressures in the Dias. He accepted and never corrected her, even though she refused to use and or acknowledge her title from marriage. He knew her strengths and weaknesses well. And, At five and six and of 9 stone and medium bone. She was independent and quite capable to handle herself in any situation.

"Certainly Chamberlain knows his lies, does he not?", John kept his silence not answering her for a moment. Then after a small silence he reminded her. "He signed the Munich Pact, handing portions of Czechoslovakia to Germany, Krystav'a!"

She knew these coming days were going to be the start of very difficult times, and she also knew her Cambridge proper husband. His style and sense of duty to state, and his proper British ways. She would let the rest of their discussion about Anna rest for the morning.

"You must eat something Luv, Anna has a delightful breakfast ready", she told him. "I hate the idea of you in that flat filling only on that bloody Pub food each day!"

She changed the conversation, ignoring the obvious of his real thoughts on the BBC's W2XBS morning broadcast, or on the lesser matter they were discussing. But all the time, knowing full well he would somehow and in some ways be involved in this entire coming affair.
Exactly How deeply, however, she was not aware...

~dannigirl933@Daniella Nikolayeva 

to be continued...

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