Dark Desires



as two share their tempestuous feelings,

the thirsting begins,

feeling the wanting, mindless frustration, 

shrouding any and all rational thought,

melting into hours of everlasting desire


the lose raven hair falling- cascading in

mid-night shades and shadows,

accenting the fragile pallor tones,

closing upon crimson lips,

the red now parting slightly,

to taste the loving darkness,

that streams from each etiolated heart 


as, beneath the ebony vale of fishnet and silk 

where the vitality of  the wanting passion plays, 

a smile appears...vaguely...





~Daniella Nikolayeva @ All Poetry.com

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Cascade's picture

You wrote an excellent fever

You wrote an excellent fever from this thirsty portrait. 

dannigirl933's picture

I thank you so. Daniella :)

I thank you so. Daniella :)

Daniella Nikolayeva

Starward's picture

If only Bram Stoker had read

If only Bram Stoker had read this before he began to write Dracula!  Jonathan Harker's experience with the castle girls might have been significantly different.


dannigirl933's picture

It will be the reverse, I am

It will be the reverse, I am taking hints from him he is the master at this. I just play in it. lol  Thank you

Daniella Nikolayeva

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and so the desires of love

and so the desires of love relished in the night are fulfilled with a smirk 

how did you download the image,i finally starting to copy and paste mine

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noooo, never a smirk, my

noooo, never a smirk, my goodness. this one is more of a Vamp or Goth type twist to the meaning is all. playing with wording some.


as for the photo; all I do is right click on it to copy it, (pick click immage) and then retun to the poem page and place the curser on the pome area (the grey area where you place the poem) place it where I want the photo to sit and click copy and it comes on. then I click on align center and it moves to center position. some times I have to copy the photo into a photo file first for the click immage to work and save it,

 and not try to copy straight off the net, for it to work. hope this helps.

also, I have had no luck using the photo image icon in the top row of symbols, not sure how to make that one work.

Daniella Nikolayeva

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you`re welcome,and thanks

you`re welcome,and thanks