The Pause; Pushing my Own Boundaries


your emerald eyes captivate me,  
their Intensity reveals my Animal Spirit
bringing me to this caged gate  
where I linger here waiting to flip open the latch...   
your intense cat-like eyes  
passing all my rigid boundaries 
as my breasts move 
in increased wet cadences   
your visual manhandling is changing me  
changing the pitch of my emotional voice,  
making it all more possible  
for me, to ignore my self-control  
I am working, finding hidden strength  
in my own grip, holding  
my silences as my body presses tightly
while holding back my pacing mind  
asking myself is it me
guarding anxiety or excitement?  
that is apparent
to your awaiting hearts encroachment... 

Posted 2/8/20

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patriciajj's picture

Explosively sensual yet

Explosively sensual yet tender, expressing an entire spectrum of emotion. Your style is both satin-smooth and powerful; we are inside your whirwind of longing, vulnerability, wildness, surrender. Magnificent work. My respect. 

dannigirl933's picture

patriciajj, thank you so very

patriciajj, thank you so very much for this woundr comement. It has made my day here. I can not thank you enough. Daniella  :)

Daniella Nikolayeva

Starward's picture

Once again, this is one of

Once again, this is one of your finest poems, and also already one of my favorites.  If I do not say more, it is not from disrespect, but from being overwhelmed by your poems.  Few poets get to me that way; you are one of that rare company, who know how to quicken the pace of this usually contrary heart I have.