Kiss me back, don't tell me


moon, kiss, and art image

tonight is far more perfect,
more perfect than last night

the universe always gets it right

each night the star's whisper if you listen to them,
and you do not talk back while they are speaking

you see, the night sky is full of Old literature
and there is no need to say I love you more over

A Star never says the same thing twice
you just wait for the voice and follow along

at Midnight when they speak to you
it is never the same thing you would say

like tonight...

they told me; "Kiss her and make her forget who she is"
so I did it...


By Daniella Nikolayeva; Posted 2/3/2020

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So many stunning, quotable,

So many stunning, quotable, tingling lines in this gorgeous flight of love. "The  night sky is full of Old literature" . . The "voice" of the stars, and what they told you to say in their dreamy eloquence: Wow. I mean, Wow! 

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awww-wow I can not say

awww-wow I can not say thanking enough to express what the mean to me, But I do thatnk you a hundred times over. so nice to read.  Daniella..*Danni)

Daniella Nikolayeva

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Great love poem, and

Great love poem, and excellent use of the astronomical metaphor.