Guanabara Sugar




I am Becoming the verse you recite in the

darkness over the Oceans night 

is it Possible to become Imprudent-

when Guarani eyes meet 

becoming Impatient-

the building passion has heated needs

as Polite steps allow-thoughts

that close to seductively stray

embracing her tightly

while waiting quietly to Curse the coming day-

 the Wealth of soul- now in passions hand

is blending skin in the blurring starlight dance

as Cellar thoughts Scatter slowly,

the sending dream is talk-touching

as the Folly steps- follow and close- spinning

Touching the rising mystic moon's grin

Buenos Aires- inhales the air

as the nights-breath breathes sweetly without despair-

dissolving into a thin sweet mist

Vanishing into each remembering mind-

slowly recalling every tender breath

 that was taken in the Tango air-



by Daniella Nikolayeva; Posted 1/24/2020

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Rio Holiday...

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Another great evocation---a

Another great evocation---a double triumph of evoking love and desire, and the evocation of the surrounding place.


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thank you so very much means

thank you so very much means a lot. Daniella  (dannigirl399)

Daniella Nikolayeva