At The End Of Footsteps On The Dancefloor...

Lately, the thoughts of you come too real,

About how it was when you were here.
Early this morning, that old lonesome feeling,
Was on my mind,
When I opened my eyes

How good it was just should not matter,
and It is not from to much wine last evening.
My mind is clear,
A different kind of awake dreaming,
On this pillow you are everywhere.

I should say it does not matter,

I guess It's the love that comes and goes,
I am not complaining,
You win some you lose some,
It is not for your concern.

It's Like a bad date gone; I know
It's tears left the in the power room,
But, my thoughts of this have no ending,
and there is nowhere to turn,
At the end of our footprints on this dance floor.

@Daniella Nikolayeval Posted 1/24/2020

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You describe a difficult

You describe a difficult moment very well.


dannigirl933's picture

it is hard when one side

it is hard when one side refuses the closure at the end, makes it harder that way. 

Daniella Nikolayeva