Tasting of the Rose of Valeria




My fingers climb trembling,
They are provocative and shameless         
Where they wait as they have found you         
The petal flesh atop the stem where         
Ingenious fingers ask to touch the subtle art         
They dream of the fragrance of this middle ground         
curves of shoulders, neck and appeased breasts         
Awaiting, and I am peddling all voluptuous desire         
Swooning, amazed at the thirst that is mine         
My curiosity is the complex taste and touch of you         
Yes, I am a woman, evoking another's name         
As I Linger here,
In the fading early evening
waiting for us to pass into twilight         
for a taste of the sweet succulent violet

Daniella Nikolayeva @ All Poetry.com

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As verbose as I am, I rarely

As verbose as I am, I rarely find myself without words, but the erotic beauty of this poem takes my words, and my breath, right away.  Have you ever read the second section of Pierre Louys' collection of prose poems, Songs of Bilitis?  Your use of imagery and color in this poem reminds me very much of his pastel prose. 


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thank you so very much for

thank you so very much for writing this. :)

Daniella Nikolayeva