Her Remembered Reflection


as this heart shares her reflection,
an old premeditation reaches to stir, and
it's gaunt form confuses my reality

pausing, while lost in lasting desire,
is the capture of raven hair still falling,
the reality spilling,
over silken shoulders and collarbone,

ebony lips  bend to close in an imaginary kiss,
that is still somehow wanted,
through the rippling pooling darkness

my hand reaches, softly skimming
the watery pallor-ed reflection,
as my fingers touch their undersides, 
to the vale of dark liquidity

and I remember her...

~Daniella Nikolayeva; posted 1/18/20

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Like your other poems, your

Like your other poems, your use of imagery, and a final line that packs an emotional punch. make this poem a real fine reading experience. 


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thank you

thank you

Daniella Nikolayeva