Voices In The Rain

This Rain makes me question, 
The stringing sound of it confuses me, 
First, I yes, then I say no- trying to say yes under each drop. 
Sensing, while walking in-between them- dodging them   
My thoughts of you in free run, tracing the pavements puddled edges while,

while My mind blanks of all the particulars.   

I can not make enough objectionable sound,   
The stillness of each drop speaks, and the tiny deft voices   
Immerse me deeper, until Love becomes my muffled voice   
The curtain above me is guiding the particulars down- away from me   
But, along this "Parisienne" walkway of fog-stalled words   
nothing is offering to stop my confession to you   
I am indistinguishable under the downcast as the   
Rain melds my aura into yours- I am a blur, 
Surrounded by droplets,  and asking myself how?   
We became more than just two people in the Rain... 
~ Daniella Nikolayeva; Posted 1/18/2020

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Fantastic imagery!

Fantastic imagery!


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I am glad you like this one.

I am glad you like this one. :) thank you

Daniella Nikolayeva