We were Never meant to be in the closet...


I found my wanted Forever Moment
cupped about your milk-en fingertips
within the depth of our eternal craving
pouring into every level of each other's soul

it was framed in spirit, our deepest open feelings
that have no end or limits to our thoughts of each other
this kind of permittivity hunts for an eternity, making
our touch continuous- feeding one on to the other

this permittivity could not stay hidden or quiet
it found our indissoluble friendship, our place
where mind and heart embraced in every thought

becoming that definable moment
searing into each other's being
that day you become my forever

~ dannigirl933
@ Daniella Nikolayeva; Posted 1/16/2020

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Of course, the poem is

Of course, the poem is beautiful, but the third and fourth lines, and the last line of the poem, are absolutely brilliant!


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again thank you so

again thank you so

Daniella Nikolayeva