Looking at Butterfly Kisses Through My Morning Window



as buttery shards peak through shuttered blinds

the cotton sheets are still warm wrinkly soft

strewn across everything

the white terry cloth robes draped carelessly

over the side's...

the smell of coffee is drifting upstairs

mixing in the Chloé penetrating the pillows

I love everything about Saturday mornings with you

our wake up pillow fights

sharing butterfly kisses

that sexy dry, salty-liped 

slide along my neck that eroticaly tickles




it is all the small simple things we have together

that I refuse to be empty of...



~dannigirl933; Posted 1/16/2020


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"it is all the small simple

"it is all the small simple things we have together that I refuse to be empty of" love that last stanza and everything that led up to it. Quite lovely, simply soft, subtle, and sensual.


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You have an ability to create

You have an ability to create truly rare, if not entirely unique, visuals and descriptions of the experiences that our six senses might otherwise be the only ones to fathom. "Buttery shards peak through shuttered blinds" may be the most original metaphor I've encountered in poetry :)

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I thank you os very much for

I thank you so very much for the comement on this poem, it is so appreciated. :)  made my evening as i read it.

Daniella Nikolayeva

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;) thank you

;) thank you

Daniella Nikolayeva