We Speak in the Language of Tango...


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as  Uruguay is to Paraná
we flow like the natural borders
of the River Plata
our embrace- our banked movements,
indifferent to distance; like "Christine Denniston" 
as we become the playwrights not the actresses,
unlocking each mystery found in touch and feel 

our translation becomes' our pronunciations,
our affair honoring each other's affection 
scratching scrolls in the sawdust patterned floor,
like black and white photos, our tile video clip's- flip 
In old-fashioned flash animation 

the colash of fevered movements,
trace each other, holding captive our root words as meanings 
it is after midnight in "La cama matrimonial",
and the scene is framed in a motif
of the delicious and sumptuous 

for we are the children of the learned language

Written by Daniella Nikolayeva; Posted 1/15/2020

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This poem is very intense, as

This poem is very intense, as most of yours are; enjoyably intense, but that last line sure packs a terrific punch as the conclusion!  Wow!


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thank you os very much. made

thank you os very much. made me smile here :)

Daniella Nikolayeva

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Glad to have done so.

Glad to have done so.