a stray knife point
left covered with blood and solace
the knife long- fallen into the 
Báthory of crimson 

my blood transfused with 
your darkest thoughts 
of a memory that was once 
exchanged between two hearts 

my mercy-less death   

left in the unfurling smoke- your scent of   
Irresistibly sweet Chimera seed   
finding the only non-spoken justification of the lucid deed 

our bed, the Red Roses 
our hidden place unspoken 
that was the place 
your Love died 

it so fitting a place for my death 
so perfect a place for my disposed soul   
this place inside of me 
that is no more


written by Daniella Nikolayeva; Posted 1/15/2020

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Your work is amazing for me. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you both for this. I

Thank you both for this. I jusy write what I feel at times, use it as an escape at night to let the day go. I am not pro, noever been published also. just a hobby.

Daniella Nikolayeva

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I agree . . . 110%

I agree . . . 110%