In Grey Scale



 Sexy artistic black and white photo.  #art #photography #black_and_white #sexy

as the monochrome touches meet in blending passion
the slow moving display melds together
the colorimeter verifys the process- it is actual and real
in polyphonic heat- each movement is lucid
in the slow moving exposure of a kiss
it develops in the scaling lenz,

making the pixel map

as each tender hand placement comes alive
defining the vivid megabytes of the sliding investigation
it becomes an amenable analysis
of the Grey scale touches found in such heat...

~ dannigirl32
@Daniella Nikolayeva

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You write these love poems as

You write these love poems as if you had invented the very concept!


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lol, Hardly no I not think

lol, Hardly, no I think not that, but thank you very much for this wounderful comement, Starward :)

Daniella Nikolayeva

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And thank you for a wonderful

And thank you for a wonderful reading experience.